Activities in general...

Meetings and worship

Meetings and religious services are regularly held alternately in the church chapel.

The church is visited occasionally by various lecturers and preachers.

In Hogsby held approximately once a month dagledigträffar in Philadelphia.

Meetings and worship services are characterized by much singing and music of talented abilities in the township.

We are a multicultural church and there are many nationalities represented at church services.

Children and Youth

Children and youth are a very important part of the Assembly's activities

Baby Rhythm of the smallest Rejoice in Högsby for 7 years and up with games, drama, music and candy sales Leisure in Fågelfors on Friday nights In Berga play youth from thirteen years and upwards, floor hockey on Friday nights from AM 7.30.

The mission of the Church will be held simultaneously from PM 8:00 cafe to which young people from the sports hall connects at approx. PM 9.30.

Also holds a devotional later in the evening and the cafe closes at PM 12:00.

Youth Collections held for young people from 12 years and up regularly on Saturday nights.

Singing and music

Assembly has talented singers and musicians in various ways compliment meetings and church services.

Young people practicing diligently and at many meetings they are playing and singing.


The congregation is active in missionary work in several locations around the world.


Assembly operations are based on offerings. Would you like to support our

activities are you welcome to your gift on the following account.

God be with each sensor.

Bankgiro. Common to all societies: 5590 - 7802

Baby rhythm in Högsby