The congregation was formed on 22 February 1922.

From sister Rachel Fris book "Transparency in my memory world" where she quotes brother Richard's diary entries, we collect the following lines:


"Private meeting with God, then Rachel and I and five baptized believers and sisters on word basis (Apostl.14: 23, Efes 2:20-22) arranged us a biblical local church in Högsby under the name" Salem "for" He is peace "and therefore we like to spread the peace message to the ends of the earth." It can be mentioned that the church 20 years later changed its name to Philadelphia.


Before forming Assembly had friends Fris on strange roads come to Högsby and which started the mission school. This came to be a great blessing to the whole Hogsby field and had significance far beyond these limits. The yellowing photographs and newspaper clippings, we can see that many of them, called the pioneers of the outer panels have gone through this particular mission school.


There was no direct "flying start" for the Assembly, but it was a work of God that had begun. One can discern the struggle and the tears in the protocols, and not least in the sister Fris book. One of the newspapers 'view of the new Assembly and its work seen from an old newspaper clipping with the headline read "Pentecostal Friends' baptism. A strange ceremony in Emån water."


This baptism held June 5, 1922 is probably the first in the township. In his notes, writes Richard Fris "Outdoor Meeting occurred in Mask Hagen sermon by missionary JE Helm. Baptism, then by God's grace I got lucky bury nine siblings in the river - a refreshing bath"


The congregation grew in numbers and in 1925 was the number of members to 150, 1928 to be at about 250.


One explanation for the number of members was that several friends from other places, such as Arena, Målilla, Hultsfred, Mörlunda, Kristdala, Misterhult, and others, joined the congregation. Eventually, it also organized congregations in many of these places. Thus, several friends congregation in Högsby and joined homeassembals.


The word of God was the basis of parish formation and has ever since been. The first Bible Week in the township was already in september 1922, when with Paul Ongman as leaders. How many weeks that have since taken place know probably no, but the Bible is still today the foundation for us.


Another historic year was 1925 when the congregation in Ruda dissolved and its 11 members received membership in Högsby. Eventually, the other congregations dissolved and whose members came into the Salem church in Högsby. On September 2, 1934 dissolved Elim Assembly of Sinnerbo, February 3, 1936 Tabor Church in Berga and March 8, 1970 welcomed the members of the Philadelphia Assembly of Fagerhult into the parish Community Högsby.


Mission School came to mean so much for the young congregation was moved to Stockholm in 1928. It was a big blow for the church, but did not lose heart but continued in the name of Jesus on the same basis as before.


Of the material contained seen that fight many times was difficult and that the enemy repeatedly tried to sabotage the plant. The congregation learned early on was the road went, when still called each other to prayer and faithfulness to God's word.


Today, the church membership around 115 members, and immigration in Högsby Municipality is reflected primarily in our church where many different nationalities meet in every Liturgy.










 Filadelfia Högsby year of 1910