Summer and sun

As I write these lines, it is just the beginning of May, a gorgeous spring day with bright sunshine. The land has in part become white again in some places, but not the snow but the anemones, and it is so beautiful!
The summer ahead, with all the means of heat, rest, excursions and more.
Even in the church's work will be a few changes in the summer time: groups of children have already had their closings, teens will soon follow, dagledigträffarna pauses during June and July, and we also pulls down a bit on other operations. But there are also a number of conference to visit during summer time!


The road people
People have always moved himself by going short or long distances; as did Jesus and the disciples. It takes time to go, but we both see, hear and perceive things around himself clearer then than if you travel by other means. For many it is an amazing experience to mountain hiking, and something that has become increasingly popular is the pilgrim trail. It can be done in different ways, in different forms, short or long distances, but it seems to fill a need of stressed people in that way get disconnect that otherwise require our attention. It's about being present, does not do much more than walk, and listening, both inward and upward.
The first Christians were called "those who belonged to the Way," Acts. 9:2. Jesus's very clear that he is "the way, the truth and the life" John. 14:6. Jesus is the Way to the Father, but he is also self along with us on our journey through life. He wants to share life with us, listen to us, our needs and desires, just as he did with Emmaus walkers.
We are the road's people today. We have chosen to follow Jesus, to walk the path God's Word shows. And that we will see God's wonders to be done! We can pray with the words of Habakkuk 3:6
"Lord, I have heard about your deeds, I've seen your work. Renew them at this time, bring you forward in this time!"


Peaceful Greetings Kristina

Kristina Johansson, Pastor in Högsby Filadelfia Church